Could your child be the next Delia Smith or Jamie Oliver?

At ‘OK’, we provide children with the right ingredients for life and food is no exception.

We have developed a balanced, organically dominant, varied menu, so that your child has the necessary vitamins and nutrients to give them the energy they need for physical and mental well-being. We use fresh, locally produced ingredients wherever possible as we believe that introducing your child to a wide range of fruit and vegetables early in life encourages a healthy and balanced lifestyle in the future.

Our lovely food is freshly prepared in our fully installed commercial grade kitchen. Naturally, we respect all parents’ dietary requests for their children and are very attentive to any allergies and conditions children may have.

We offer a variety of healthy snacks throughout the day as well as drinks in each area of the nursery to keep energy levels constant. We believe this encourages children to make healthy choices and promotes their independence. We believe it is important our children have the opportunity to understand where their food comes from and we take pride in our own organic garden.

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Ribbon Maker