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Comments from Happy Parents:

” Wow! This has been a day for the future, not now. We can’t leave, you’re all a part of our lives. But we must, mustn’t we. Raphael at 9 months started in the baby room with Jo and Zoe (Dallimore) just part time. Then suddenly into toddler room, then pre-school and now big school. Organic Kids has been amazing. It is amazing. It’s fantastic how much is thought about and planned for each week. The care and attention is outstanding. Our favourites have been the garden, yoga, French and the bus outings. Then there is the staff. I can’t name you all, some know better than others, but the whole reason the above works is because of you guys. You guys make it happen, Raphael (and I) adore it there, he is so ready to move on, but is really going to miss it, food of course is not going to be matched, but will try my best. Thank You, OK for being the nursery of excellent standards and care, we are ready to go. Will miss you all, don’t change.

All the very best to all. Love Raphael, Penny and Bruno.

“Kayla joined OK in June 2012 at just six months old. I was very nervous leaving Kayla as she refused to drink any milk from a bottle! Sally and Zoe would patiently try to drop milk in her mouth from a teaspoon!! This should’ve showed us what our future held as Layla has grown into a strong willed little girl!! It is wonderful that in four years Kayla has never once not wanted to go to nursery and more often than not she runs in the opposite direction when I pick her up and tells me I’m picking her up to early! To think that OK has seen her learn to walk, crawl, run, talk, write, draw, dance, count, it’s been an incredible journey. It is obvious that she means as much to her keyworkers as they mean to her. The whole nursery experience; from the trips on the minibus, the mud kitchen, all the art she wanted to do, the yoga lessons to the outstanding, food that Pav has caringly cooked for the children, she eats better food than we do! Kayla has made special friendships at the nursery and will especially miss Matilda, Ella, Raphael, Mille & Sophie. I hope they all manage to stay friends as they grow up. I bet pre-school will be a bit quiet without there little little people singing and dancing!! Thank you to everyone for caring for our special girl and for taking the time to get to know the real her. I know that Amber knows her as well as I do! She will especially miss Amber, Leonie & Katrina, who have all been brilliant with her. She couldn’t have had a better start in life and the guilt of a working mother was massively helped by the fact she has loved every moment or her nursery world. Thank you so much, your care and support has meant the world to us xxxx”

Lots of love – Mrs Ward


“Thank you to the whole team for an amazing afternoon. It was so lovely and a very proud and emotional moment for both of us.   We have been so happy at Organic Kids and truly feel like Jake has received first class care with your capable and kind team. From the amazing organic food and yoga and French lessons to the personal attention and time that each teacher makes for Jake, all have made us feel very settled and confident that Jake is happy. The vegetable garden is looking absolutely stunning and a huge thank you to Katrina for all her hard work. We adore all the girls, especially Amber and Leonie as we have got to know them so well but everyone is fantastic.   I can’t say enough or thank you enough. I will say thanks again before Jake leaves but I just wanted to let you know what a great job you all do.”

Andrea – Happy Parent


“We are impressed on a weekly basis at his development in all areas and a huge amount of that is down to you. It is magical to see how he has grown from a baby into a cheeky little boy under the guidance of OK. Whenever we ask Rory what he will do or was doing at nursery, his first answer is always ‘play with my friends’ – what a shame these first friendships are to be broken. Of course the mud kitchen and the construction corner with all the ‘borrowed’ props will be a lasting memory of fun times at OK and not to mention the magic of the snow machine at Christmas. What you ladies do is above and beyond any parent’s expectations. The children of Jersey (& their parents) are blessed to have you.”

Deborah & Chris S


“Second lesson last night with Raphael teaching yoga. He is really loving the yoga class. Please pass on our delight to the lady visiting pre-school. Really, really great. Whilst I’m writing the French lessons are also paying off. Don’t let it stop.’

Thanks Penny


“May I take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Organic Kids for all their hard work, attention and kind attitude towards Sienna, and all the other children from pre-school. Please can you pass on our appreciation to all the staff, not just Sienna’s key workers and assistants, but all the staff that work so hard in the background. Daniel, whose cuisine provides a great variety of healthy foods that allow children to explore new flavours and food types and Grace, whose dancing has filled Sienna’s heart with joy, and an appetite for dance.”

Happy Parents

“Dear Dawn, Sally and the wonderful organic kids team! Im just emailing to let you know that our son Noah will be leaving your wonderful nursery at the end of August. He will be starting at his “Big boy school” in September, I cant thank you enough for all the love and attention and guidance you give to Noah, and he has grown so much since attending your nursery! We will definitely be sending baby no.2 if needing childcare! :-)

Happy Parents

“I also want to take this opportunity to say how pleased we have been with the care that Daniel has received since he started in 2012.


We were apprehensive at first, as I’m sure all first time parents are about sending him to nursery, however Organic Kids has surpassed all our expectations. The staff have made Daniel feel very safe and secure from the outset; he has particularly enjoyed his last year in Pre school and has developed very close relationships with the staff in the unit.

Happy Parents


“Matilda joined the baby room when she was just 7 months old and now 4 years later we can’t believe she is ready for big school. From the day she joined OK we can honestly say she has had the best time with you all. All of the staff have been amazing and Matilda especially loves all of her key workers Zoe, Jo, Amber, & Leonie. You have organised so many great activities to keep the children engaged and Matilda has had a blast! And she has made many great friends and i hope they all keep in touch when they set off for school. A big thank you to Katrina for taking the children out in the mini bus and also for introducing Matilda to Walter which has helped so much with her fear of dogs. Thank you also for showing and teaching them how to grow vegetables which i know Matilda has thoroughly enjoyed! A special mention must go to Pav for his amazing food. We’re not sure how Matilda will adjust to a lunch box at school! Thank you all for looking after Matilda so well. She will miss you all loads but I’m sure she will come in and tell you what she’s been up to when we collect Leon!”

Anne-Marie, Lee, Matilda & Leon


Jacob arrived at ‘OK’ at just 4 months old. Now a confident and happy 4 year old he is moving onto ‘big school’. Thank you to all the girls who have made him feel so welcome, who have spent hours playing in the garden looking for snails, toads and caterpillars! For teaching him French and Yoga and helping him through all of the trials and tribulations as a baby, toddler then young boy. He has made some great friends and constantly talks about Amber, who “brings out the sunshine” and Alex, Katrina, Leonie and Zoe. He is so fond of all of you and his wonderful friends at preschool, especially Olivia (who he is going to marry) Elliot, Raphael, Estelle, Aidan and all the other wonderful children in his class. Under the care of the OK team he has become such a kind, thoughtful boy, who plays so well with others, has a fantastic interest in food, plants, wild life and sports. Being able to go out to play in the lovely garden to explore and head out to on trips to the park and beach has been wonderful. I have always felt so happy leaving him with the girls, they are so good at caring and guiding the children. It has been a god send, so thank you all so very much for your kindness and patience. Lots of Love xx

Happy Parents


Whilst I know he is excited about going to what he calls ‘Big Nursery’ and being in a new environment I know he will miss the staff in the unit a lot. Please pass on our thanks to all the staff, as I know that Daniel has come into contact with them all at some point during his time at Organic Kids.”

Happy Parents

“Charlie, who has flourished during his time at both La Providence and Castle Quay. We will be forever grateful for the way he has been looked after and developed over the last two and a half years.


“Once again, thank you for paying a key part in the development of our first child and best wishes for the future.”

Happy Parents


“Organic Kids is an extension of the family home for our little girl, she started at La Providence when she was just 3 months old. At first we were obviously apprehensive as she was so young to be away from Mummy and Daddy but right from the very first meeting with the nursery staff we knew our little girl was in very safe, caring and knowledgeable hands.


OK nursery is just such a breath of fresh air, 7 months on and we simply cannot speak highly enough of the exceptional and personal care that our daughter receives. The huge smiles across her face when we drop her off in the morning and pick her up say it all!


We have seen our little girl’s confidence grow in leaps and bounds and her social interaction skills with others are excellent, this on large is down to the care and encouragement given by the staff at Organic Kids.


Each and every child is treated as unique and as special as the next.”

Many thanks, Claire and Jay


 ”When it came to choosing a nursery for our little boy, we were a little apprehensive about what to expect and where to look.  As soon as we discovered Organic Kids, we knew we needn’t look any further and certainly haven’t looked back since.  Organic Kids is a home from home where we have no doubt that our little boy receives the very best care on the island in a fun filled happy environment.  The facilities are fantastic, the food is amazing (our little boy eats better than we do!) and the staff are incredible.  We cannot speak highly enough of this exceptional nursery and the staff who look after our little boy .  Kids are allowed to be kids at Organic Kids, to explore, learn and grow.  Our little boy has come on leaps and bounds since starting at Organic Kids where learning seems to know no bounds.  We have been truly overwhelmed by what Organic Kids has to offer.  It really is in a class of its own.”

Many thanks, Rebecca, Andy and Archie


“May I take this opportunity to thank Sally and staff at Organic kids in St.Lawrence for the wonderful work and attention in caring for my daughter.”

Happy Parents

“The learning environment in the 3-5′s room is constantly evolving and is challenging and exciting for the children – I have in all honesty been ‘blown away’ by the quality of the activities in the learning environment.


Although a confident and happy child, it is clear that she really enjoys nursery and is constantly challenged and motivated in a way that she hasn’t been before’. I would just like to thank you for the welcome that our family have received at ‘OK’ – I am so pleased that our little one is with yourselves.


I have no doubts that she is at the best private nursery in the island, thank you.”

  Happy Parent

“Choosing a nursery can be a very daunting task for parents however Organic Kids Nursery have made this process quite simple by providing a caring, loving, vibrant and safe learning environment for our son.


He is a shy 2 year old who always watches from a distance, however with the help of the staff’s extra individual attention he has found the confidence to make friends, and join in group activities.


As parents we are very relaxed when dropping him off as we consider Organic Kids to be a home from home”.

  Happy Parent

“I could not be happier with the care that’s been provided for my girls. One was clingy and I was worried about her settling. But she has settled very quickly because the staff have given her so much attention and tailored the care to her personality. It is also reassuring to me that she has bonded so well with everyone else in the nursery which indicates to me that all the staff are interested in the well being of all the children.


The other has also settled well. She told me all about “Cutie” after her first day which I think is a combination of two of the staff.


On a logistical point, it is a significant benefit to me that I do not have to prepare a large bag for the girls each day because most items can be left at the nursery. This saves me a good 30 minutes each evening.”

  Happy Parent

“Organic Kids gives our son amazing and varied activities everyday to be involved in, there is thought, effort and care applied to his development whilst playing at the same time. Creative ideas and activities are always part of their week, its brilliant. Food is fantastic, staff engage with you, go the extra mile and care about the children.


We are incredibly proud and sometimes overwhelmed at how active and supportive the nursery is. We love going there and so does our son. You couldn’t get a better nursery.”

  Regards, Penny

Eva has been so happy at OK she has skipped to nursery everyday since the day she started!


All the staff have always been so lovely with us all and Eva has developed so much.


It really has been the most wonderful environment for children and we have been thrilled with OK. We will really miss all of the staff and Eva will most definitely miss Patrick’s wonderful cooking.

  Happy Parent

“I am really pleased to hear the dentist was at the nursery yesterday. And I’m also really pleased with the singing and dancing lessons too.


This is more than I would have expected from the nursery and it shows that you really go the extra mile – so, once again, thank you.”

  Happy Parent

“We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the staff for providing Jack the best possible care we could have hoped for during his time at Organic Kids.

  Happy Parent

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